Sunday, March 13, 2022

Lukan Lessons and Carols for Lent: Second Sunday in Lent (March 13, 2022)

(This is the third liturgy in a series of Lukan Lessons and Carols for Lent. The Ash Wednesday Liturgy and a more detailed explanation of the series can be found here; Lent 1 can be found here. I am excluding parts of the worship that were not directly connected to the series as well as parts that I give extemporaneously.)

I will post the liturgies for ensuing weeks as I write them. I'm happy for anyone to use any part(s) of this series in their own worship contexts with proper attribution, but I would request that you let me know in the comments that you're doing so.

(I created these worksheets as bulletin inserts to help with notetaking)

Liturgy by Rev. Katey Schwind Williams

*Call to Worship (based on Luke 4:1-13)
Leader: The powers of the world tell us to worship wealth and power.
People: Scripture tells us to worship and serve the Lord our God alone.
Leader: Satan tells us to push the limits of God’s love.
People: Christ tells us not to test, but to trust.
Leader: The Lord be with you!
People: And also with you!
Leader: Let us worship the Lord.

Call to Confession (based on Luke 5:31)
Leader: Healthy people don’t need a doctor, but sick people do. Beloved, we must face the reality of our sin-sickness. Let us humbly answer the Great Physician’s call to change our hearts and lives by confessing our sins before God and one another.

Confession of Sin (based on Luke 6:27-49)
People: Christ Jesus, we call to you, “Lord, Lord,” but we do not do what you say. When someone slaps us on one cheek, we retaliate. We love those who love us and expect praise. We criticize the log in our neighbor’s eye while denying the splinter in our own. We are hypocrites. There is sin deep within our hearts. Forgive us, we pray. We long to become good trees bearing good fruit. Help us to act as children of the Most High God, showing compassion to all just as our Father shows compassion. In your mercy, hear our prayer… [Silent prayers of personal forgiveness]

Declaration of Forgiveness (based on Luke 5:22-24)
Leader: Which is easier: to tell a paralyzed man, “Your sins are forgiven,” or to tell him, “Stand up and walk?” We serve a God for whom all things are possible! Jesus has proven his authority in heaven and on earth time and time again, so hear and believe his Good News: In Christ’s name, we are forgiven! Thanks be to God!

The Peace
Leader: The Peace of Jesus Christ be with you all!
People: And also with you!
[Share the peace of Christ during the “Textology”]*

In Other Words…**

Lessons & Carols:***
The Centurion’s Servant:                        Luke 7:1-10
The Widow’s Son:                                  Luke 7:11-17 
John the Baptist:                                    Luke 7:18-35
Hymn GTG #610:                 “O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing” [vv. 1 & 3]

A Sinful Woman Washes Jesus’ Feet:    Luke 7:36-50
The Parable of the Sower:                      Luke 8:1-18
Hymn GTG #451:                    “Open My Eyes, That I May See” [vv. 2 & 3]

Jesus’ Family:                                         Luke 8:19-21
Jesus Calms a Storm:                             Luke 8:22-25
Legion:                                                   Luke 8:26-39
Jairus & the Hemorrhaging Woman:     Luke 8:40-56
Hymn GTG #792:                         “There Is a Balm in Gilead” [v. 1 + refrain]

Sending the Apostles:                             Luke 9:1-11
Feeding 5000:                                        Luke 9:12-17
“Who Do You Say I Am?":                        Luke 9:18-27
Hymn GTG #718:                “Take Up Your Cross, the Savior Said” [vv. 1 & 2]

The Transfiguration:                              Luke 9:28-36
The People Don’t Understand:              Luke 9:37-62

Leader: This is the Word of the Lord!
People: Thanks be to God!

*Hymn GTG #462: “I Love to Tell the Story” [v. 2]

[Apostles' Creed & Extemporaneous Prayers of the People]

*Hymn GTG #543, “God, Be the Love to Search and Keep Me” [vv. 1, 2, & 5]


*In recognition of the fact that Christ's body extends far beyond the walls of our sanctuary, that worship happens in every time and place, and that we have a responsibility to testify to Christ's peace, we take a moment during worship to text the peace to someone outside of the building.

**I use this time to review last week's story and give the kids an opportunity to tell me what they remember.

***I'm reading primarily from the International Children's Bible (see my explanation for this on my Ash Wednesday Post). I'm also preparing "scripts" ahead of time with the dialogues highlighted and asking members of the congregation to "play" those characters. We're not involving any costumes or acting beyond enthusiastic reading, but you could do a lot with these sections to keep them interesting. 

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