Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Liturgy: Peter's Vision - Acts 10:1-17, 34-48 (April 23, 2023)

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Call to Worship (based on Acts 10:36-43)

Leader: The message of peace God has sent to us is this:
People: Jesus Christ is Lord of all!
Leader: We are witnesses of this Good News:
People: In Christ’s name, all sins are forgiven!
Leader: Christ is risen!
People: He is risen, indeed!
Leader: Let us worship the Resurrected One!

Call to Confession (Based on Acts 10:37-38)

Leader: Beloved, you know about Jesus of Nazareth, who traveled around doing good and healing everyone because God was with him. We know that the Resurrected One is now seated at God’s right hand, so let us now confess our sins, trusting in Jesus’ ability to heal even our sin-sick souls.

Unison Prayer of Confession (Based on Acts 10)

People: O Great Connector, we confess that we view your inclusive welcome with skepticism, and the extravagant hospitality of your kindom with suspicion. When you call us to greater inclusion, we cling to our old, misguided assumptions. When you give us Laws intended to magnify your love, we focus on rules that box it in. We exclude your beloved children, assuming that only we can truly know you. We never imagine that one of “them” could know anything of your goodness and love. Forgive us, O Holy One. Open our minds to better understand your will, and open our hearts so that we might be able to live it faithfully. In your mercy, hear our prayer… 
(Silent prayers of personal forgiveness)

Declaration of Forgiveness (Based on Acts 10:43)

Leader: All the prophets of every time and place testify that all who believe in Christ receive forgiveness of sins through his name. Hear the Good News: In the name of the Resurrected One, we are all forgiven! Thanks be to God!

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