Wednesday, July 19, 2023

LIturgy: Eighth Sunday after Pentecost - Proverbs 8:12-31 (July 23, 2023)

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*Call to Worship (based on John 1 & Proverbs 8)

Leader: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
People: Wisdom was with God at the beginning of God’s way, before God’s deeds long in the past.
Leader: Everything came into being through the Word, and without the Word, nothing came into being.
People: Wisdom was beside God, smiling, frolicking, and delighting in humanity.
Leader: God is Word; God is Wisdom; God is Delighted Love.
People: Let us worship the Lord!

Call to Confession (based on Proverbs 3:5)

Leader: We cannot rely on our own intelligence to guide our steps; we must trust in the Lord with all our heart. Let us, then, confess our sins, trusting that the God of wisdom and love will offer us forgiveness for our wrongdoing.

Unison Prayer of Confession (based on Proverbs 8:1-13)

People: Holy Wisdom, we hear you cry out to us, but we ignore your plea. You call us to righteousness, but we chose wickedness. You offer understanding, but we remain na├»ve. You speak in simple words, but we claim confusion. We choose silver and gold, pride and arrogance, evil and corruption, before we even consider turning to You. Our hearts are foolish, and we repent. Teach us your ways, O Lord, so that we might walk with you on the paths of righteousness and justice. In your mercy, hear our prayers… (Silent prayers of personal forgiveness)

Declaration of Forgiveness (based on Proverbs 8:19)

Leader: The fruits of wisdom are better than gold, even fine gold: when we seek wisdom, we find God. And where God is, so is love and mercy. In Jesus Christ, we are all forgiven!
People: Thanks be to God!

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