Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Liturgy: Elijah at Mount Carmel, 1 Kings 18:20-39 (November 5, 2023)

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GTG #409, “God Is Here!”
GTG #326, “For All the Saints”

*Call to Worship (based on 1 Kings 18:26-29)

Leader: The prophets of Baal called on their god’s name.
People: But there was no answer.
Leader: They performed demanding rituals to summon Baal.
People: But there was no response.
Leader: Like Elijah, we now call on the name of the Lord, and our God is here!
People: Let us worship the one true God!

Call to Confession (based on 1 Kings 18:21)

Leader: How long will we hobble back and forth between two opinions, O people? We cannot serve both the Lord and the gods of our own making. Let us, therefore, confess our sins to the Lord, the one true God, who promises mercy.

Popcorn Prayer of Confession (based on 1 Kings 18:26-29, 37)

You are invited to speak a word or short phrase that describes a personal or collective sin of which you repent and seek forgiveness.

When the gathered community is finished sharing, we pray together:

People: Lord God, we call on the names of our false idols, and yet they do not answer us. We dance before them, but they are not satisfied. We offer the health, strength, and energy of our bodies, but it is not enough for them. Forgive us, Lord. Change our hearts and remind us that you alone are God. In your mercy, hear our prayers… 
(Silent prayers of personal confession)

Declaration of Forgiveness (based on 1 Kings 18:39)

Leader: Hear these words, spoken centuries ago but echoing throughout the years: The Lord indeed is God! The Lord indeed is God! In Jesus the Christ, we are forgiven! 
People: Thanks be to God!

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