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Liturgy: Lent 5 Lessons and Carols, Mark 9:33-10:45 (March 17, 2024)

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Additional Hymns:

Hymn GTG #188, “Jesus Loves Me!”
Hymn GTG #281, “Holy Spirit Come to Us”
Hymn GTG #749, “Come! Live in the Light!”

*Call to Worship (Based on Mark 10:14-16)

Leader: God’s kindom belongs to those who are like children.
People: Grant us hearts full of childlike faith, O God!
Leader: “Let the children come to me,” says the Lord.
People: We are here, O Christ!
Leader: Whoever you are, Jesus embraces and welcomes you.
People: Let us worship the Lord!

Call to Confession (based on Mark 9:43-47)

Leader: Jesus calls us to cut off the parts of ourselves that lead us into sin. Here and now, let us denounce our wrongdoing, casting off that which is sinful and trusting in God’s promise of eternal life.

Popcorn Prayer of Confession (based on Mark 10:17-22)

You are invited to speak a word or short phrase that describes a personal or collective sin of which you repent and seek forgiveness. 

When the gathered community is finished sharing, we pray together:

People: Good and Gracious Lord, we confess that we already know what is needed to obtain eternal life. Your commandments are among our earliest memories, and we strive to follow them faithfully. But while we’re eager to be righteous, we’re slow to obey the one commandment at the heart of all others: to love God and our neighbors with all that we are. Remind us that our possessions cannot give us salvation; only you can offer eternal life. Unclench our fists and open our hearts so that we might use our abundant blessings more faithfully – not for ourselves, but for the care of others and the coming of your kindom. In your mercy, hear our prayers… (Silent prayers of personal confession)

Declaration of Forgiveness (based on Mark 10:26-27)

Leader: Along with the disciples, we acknowledge our sin and lament, “Who, then, can be saved?” But hear this good news, kindred: Jesus assures us that even this – especially this! – is possible for God. In Christ’s name, we are all forgiven!
People: Thanks be to God!

Be Still and Know… (Praying in Color)

Every week during Lent, we’ll be trying out a different way of experiencing God, things to help us “be still” in God’s presence. 

  • “Praying in Color” is basically combining prayer and doodling.
    • It gets its name from the book by Sybil MacBeth, in which she outlines different ways to pray in color.
    • Her website, prayingincolor.com, is also a great resource.
  • Why pray in color?
    • You want to pray but can’t find words.
    • You’re having trouble sitting still or your mind is wandering.
    • You feel like your prayers don’t matter or are silly.
    • You’re a visual person.
    • You want a NEW way to pray.
  • It’s VERY adaptable to your needs, but here’s one way to do it:
    • Start by writing your name for God in the middle of a piece of paper.
      • Draw a shape around it (any shape!) This creates a “sacred space”.
      • Invite God into your prayer time, adding lines, dots, colors, squiggles.
    • Next, write one or two words about who or what you want to pray for in the space around your center shape.
      • It can be attached to the God word or entirely separate.
      • Add shapes, colors, and other marks around your word. 
        • You might choose to match what you did for the “God Space”, or you might try to contrast. 
      • As you draw, lift up your prayers for this person or topic.
        • They don’t have to be sentences – they can just be thoughts, feelings, memories, or whatever you experience as you color and focus on your word.
    • Repeat for each person/thing on your heart, pausing between each one.
  • If you’re still a little hesitant, you can start with the outline in your bulletin.
    • If you’re ready to jump in, you can use the blank side. 
    • Feel free to start in black and white now and color when you get home.


Readings are done by three people: one representing Jesus, one representing Jesus' supporters, and one representing Jesus' opponents. They each wear a white, green, or red stole, respectively, to help clarify their roles. 

If Your Hand Causes You to Sin: Mark 9:33-50
Hymn GTG #432, “How Clear Is Our Vocation, Lord” [vv. 1,2, & 4]

Divorce; Children: Mark 10:1-16
Hymn GTG #487, “These Treasured Children” [vv. 3-5]

How to Obtain Eternal Life: Mark 10:17-22
Hymn GTG #708, “We Give Thee but Thine Own” [All Verses]

The Eye of a Needle: Mark 10:23-34
Hymn GTG #215, “What Wondrous Love Is This” [vv. 1, 2, & 3]

Not to Be Served, But to Serve: Mark 10:35-45

Leader: This is the Word of the Lord!
People: Thanks be to God!

Hymn GTG #414, “Be Still and Know” [3x total – you are welcome to sing in a round!]

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