Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Jumping into the Fray

On the radio today, I heard a DJ getting sassy because, from his point of view, saying "Happy Holidays" is TECHNICALLY accurate since Christmas is a holiday, but why wouldn't we say "Merry Christmas" since everybody knows we're celebrating Jesus' birthday?

Therefore, I give to you: some reasons to say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas", from a Christian clergyperson to other Christians, especially the ones who are upset about this:

1. Only about 23% of December is actually the Christmas season. The other 77% is Advent. Duh.
2. Aside from Christmas, many Christians also celebrate New Year's and Epiphany. To single out one holiday wouldn't be fair.
3. The term "holiday" derives from "holy day," which is an important reminder that Christmas is more than just an excuse to max out your credit card.
4. Everyone loves alliteration.
5. You do realize you're not the only person in the planet, right? Like, other people celebrate other things. I think Jesus would understand.
6. Read #5 again.
7. Jesus was Jewish. And not so much about self-aggrandizement. So...this probably wouldn't have been a fight that he cared much about. And you want to be like Jesus, don't you?

You may adjust your vocabulary accordingly. You're welcome.

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