Sunday, October 7, 2018

Worst Group Project EVER

I realized this week that writing a sermon feels like a nightmare group project with myself.

--Student 1 is in charge of the research, but she just wants to skim everything and get it over with.

--Student 2 is in charge of taking notes, but doesn't really care if the order is helpful at all--she just slaps them down on the paper willy-nilly.

--Student 3 has to come up with some sort of outline or structure. She's probably the most helpful member of the team, but resents everyone else's laziness.

--Student 4 is the one who writes the sermon. She's the type A classmate who keeps working on the project until the absolute last minute because she's trying to make it perfect and fix everyone else's mistakes. She thinks she's the most important member of the team, but everyone else is SO OVER IT.

--Student 5 is the diva who finally shows up just in time to make the presentation, gets the credit and everyone else agrees is the literal worst.

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