Sunday, October 16, 2022

Liturgy: Joshua Renews the Covenant - Joshua 24:1-26 (October 16, 2022)

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Call to Worship

Leader: Hayyom, today, we set aside the false gods that are among us.
People: Hayyom, today, the Lord is the one we will serve.
Leader: Hayyom, today, we choose to focus our hearts on the God of Israel.
People: Hayyom, today, we will serve the Lord our God and obey him.
Leader: The Lord be with you!
People: [Respond with indicated gesture:] And also with you!
Leader: Let us worship the Lord.

Call to Confession

Leader: Joshua tells the people, “You can’t serve the Lord because he is a holy God. He won’t forgive your rebellion and your sins.” And yet, trusting in God’s goodness and mercy, the people continue to insist that they will indeed serve the Lord. Trusting in this same goodness and mercy, let us confess our sins before God, knowing that the Lord’s forgiveness is ready and sure for all who seek it.

Unison Prayer of Confession

People: Holy one, we confess that while we profess to worship you alone, we are not always faithful. We cling to the idols of our ancestors. We follow you only as far as our comfort allows. We disregard all of the blessings you have given to us, and we forget your salvation. We take credit for that which can only come from you. Forgive us, O Lord. Call to us again and again, reminding us of your love and inviting us into relationship with you. Help us to choose you in every moment, in every “today”. In your mercy, hear our prayer…

Declaration of Forgiveness

Leader: You are witnesses to your own faith: you have chosen to serve the Lord. You are also witnesses to this Good News: in Jesus Christ, we are all forgiven. May we always bear witness to both of these truths in joy. Thanks be to God.

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