Sunday, October 30, 2022

Liturgy: Solomon's Wisdom - 1 Kings 3:5-26 (October 30, 2022)

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Call to Worship

Leader: A heart true to the Lord does not desire wealth or victory.
People: We come before God seeking the Wisdom of Solomon.
Leader: A wisdom that distinguishes good from evil,
People: A wisdom that can come from God alone.
Leader: The Lord be with you!
People: [Respond with indicated gesture:] And also with you!
Leader: Let us worship the Lord.

Call to Confession

Leader: Wisdom is not the absence of error, but the ability to recognize when it’s necessary for us to change. In such wisdom, let us humbly confess our sins to God.

Unison Prayer of Confession 

People: Generous God, you have given us much, and yet we always want more. Instead of using the gifts you’ve given us to help others, we seek ways to enrich our own lives. We eschew divine wisdom; we idolize wealth and might. We mistake equality for righteousness and fairness for love. Forgive us, O God. Help us to pursue your wisdom in all matters under heaven. Give us the strength and courage to let go of that which we hold most dear so that you might even now create something new and holy in our midst. In your mercy, hear our prayer…

Declaration of Forgiveness

Leader: Although the world considers mercy a weakness, God calls it wisdom. Hear the good news: in Jesus Christ, we are all forgiven. Thanks be to God.

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